A Note from Finneytown Schools Superintendent Terri Noe

January 8, 2018

Hello Finneytown Community,

Happy New Year to all! The weather has not been very conducive to having school but we hope to be back full force tomorrow. I need to let you know that Krista Ramsey, our Director of Communication, has decided to go back to writing. She will be missed around here. We are in the process of redistributing her job duties so I don’t know if we will be hiring anyone to replace her. She is quite irreplaceable anyway. Please be patient as we try to get every facet of communications covered.

Thank you to all who participated in our data gathering earlier this school year for Strategic Planning. Those who attended meetings and focus groups or completed surveys have been a great help. Epic Impact has put all the information together and will soon be meeting with the administrators and the Board. I will put the results and top concerns in an email or newsletter update to you soon. We will use this information to launch us into our next step, Educational Visioning.

We will be gathering more data and making choices to present to the Board of Education members about the future of education in Finneytown. Out of this will come our new or revised mission statement and vision. We will also talk about how this educational vision will impact our facilities in the future or vice versa. We will discuss curriculum, delivery, pedagogy, and what a Finneytown Graduate should have to be prepared. The resulting Strategic Plan will be our road map for the next 3-5 years. We will review and update it as we go so that we know we are still on course.

One issue that came through loud and clear is the need to talk about our buildings and facilities. We will be meeting with the community in the next few months to discuss this and other issues that were brought up.

We will have open meetings or forums and closed meetings. By closed I mean that anyone is welcome to be involved but we need to have those who start with the group commit to 4 meetings and have the same people at each. These meetings will continue from one to the next so we will want the same people to participate and reach conclusions about what solutions are to be presented to the Board of Education for discussion and possible adoption. There will be several of these committees and you could be part of more than one but we will need each person to commit to starting and finishing with a committee.

If you have any interest in being involved, please email me at tnoe@finneytown.org. I have listed the committees with dates at the end of this letter. I hope those of you already on the Long Range Planning Committee subcommittees will be able to transition these temporary groups. If you have been on one of these committees, you may be more up to date on some of the concerns we’ve heard. If you haven’t been part of a group, we will get you up to speed.

Please come join us and let your voice be heard. We need your thoughts and insights and we need your wisdom and input. Each of you brings a different perspective thus some valuable discernments. We need people willing to share their dreams and their dreads.

Please email me which committee you want to be involved in. Remember, we need you to commit to all dates for the committee you choose.

Please come help us plan the future of education in Finneytown.
Terri Noe
Finneytown Local School District
8916 Fontainebleau Terrace
Cincinnati, OH 45231

Committees with Dates, times, and locations

Community Advisory Team (CAT) 6-8 pm in the Performing Arts Center (PAC)
(To understand, synthesize, and advise on Facility Master Plan supported by the Four Pillars of Education, Facilities, Finance, and Community Support. Need representatives from community, government, business, students, staff, and parents.)
Jan 30
Feb 13
Feb 27
Mar 13

Educational Visioning Team (EVT) 6-8 pm
(This team to recommend ideal/preferred organization/model for delivery of education [21st Century, Project-Based, Collaborative, Technology Infused, future flexible] and advise on impact of various facility options on district curriculum and delivery of education.)
Jan 24 (Secondary Campus Media Center)
Feb 1 (Whitaker Media Center)
Feb 8 (Brent Cafeteria)
Feb 12 (Secondary Campus Media Center)

Community Outreach Forum (COF) 6-7:30 pm in PAC
Jan 18 (PAC)
Feb 22 (PAC)
Mar 7 (PAC)

Community Focus Groups (CFG) will be in February
Will be decided through input of other groups