Please help the FCA increase our numbers.   The more members we have the greater our voice is in Springfield Township!   Please ask your friends and neighbors to join.   It is still only $10 per person or $20 per family.  If they join now we will extend membership through 2018.   Look in the mail  for your renewal letter for 2018.

Nancy McGuire, Membership Chairperson

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Membership Form:



Phone:_________________ E-mail:______________________________________

We will be sending the newsletter via email unless instructed otherwise.

Dues:  $10/Person   $20/family per calendar year                                $_________

Contribution: Steve Elliott Student Community Service Award         $_________

Total:       (Please make checks to the Finneytown Civic Association)  $_________

Mail to: FCA Membership, P.O. Box 317696, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231